2013, a year of baby #3

bye bye 2013, we will miss you!

Wow, there went 2013. That went by super fast. Let's see what this family of mine had accomplished. 

1. Ed continues with his job, yay we are super blessed to have him worked so we can have a house, food, car, etc. Though there can be some down moments, we are very grateful that we have a super kind loving dad/hubby who is so willing to provide for our family. Thank you!

2. I was pregnant with baby #3. It was a baby girl!!!!!! That sums it all :) She came in July, happy day and all is well.

3. Jaynann turned 6! Holy cow, she sometimes acts like she is 13 but it's okay. She is cute and is always a good, helpful, and loving girl. Going to Kindergarten is her new accomplishment this year, she loves her new friends and teacher. So far, playing with ponies is still one of her favorite things. She knows her ABC and is learning how to read. Forgot to mention, she has lost 2 teeth and has earned some money for that. 

4. Zeker is now 4, a funny little boy who loves dinosaurs, duplos and constructive things. He goes to preschool with his buddy next door and is now learning all bunch of things. Zeke can draw really well and he can go through a ream of papers in a week. His love of creativity is amazing! He can build anything out of duplos. For Christmas he asked for a volcano, he has gotten it! He said when he grows up, he want to be an explorer.

 5. Baby Fern, a sweet little thing and we adore her. She is now 5 months! Every since she has joined our family, she has brought us a lot of happy days. The kids love playing with her and seeing her grow up is one of our favorite thing. She is now over 15 lbs, heavy chubby litte girl. She doesn't smile a whole lot but mostly happy with watching the kids played. At 5 months, she loves to stand and being with mommy. When she doesn't want something, she learns to shake her head, it's so funny.

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